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Openview believes that the reputation for integrity is the foundation of the company, and the success of the company is a direct result of the commitment and performance of our employees. All Openview employees have the right to expect and the responsibility to ensure that our services and operations are conducted with high ethical standards and legal principles. This Ethics Policy applies to all dealings with our employees, customers, suppliers, factories, workers and other stakeholders. 

Ø  Compliance with Local Laws
We have a responsibility to follow applicable laws and regulations in all locations where we do business. If local laws are stricter than the Ethics Policy, then we should follow local laws. If the Ethics Policy is stricter than local laws, then we should follow the Policy.
Ø  No Bribery 
Employee honesty and integrity are essential to ethical business practices. Unacceptable conduct that is considered detrimental to the company's best interests may result in immediate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. No bribes of any sort shall be accepted from factories, suppliers and customers. Openview implements a zero tolerance policy for any form of bribery or incentive. Any personnel who is verified to provide, request or accept any form of bribery or incentive will be immediately terminated. 
-        Openview prohibits the acceptance of a bribe in any form, including money, goods, gift, entertainment, service, loans, accommodation, tickets for any kind events and activities, meal, transportations or other advantage for the employee’s benefit or that of the employee’s family, friends, associates or acquaintances.
-        Employees should politely and firmly refuse any kind of bribery, explaining to the offeror that company policy prohibits the receipt of bribery strictly. Any bribery attempt shall be reported back to the Executive Director for records. 
-        Where the working place is remote, and not convenient to go outside, it is acceptable to have lunch in the factory canteen. Fast food delivery is acceptable, but it shall be paid by Openview employees. Factory arranging short distance transportation assistant may be acceptable where there is not convenient to call a taxi or take any public transport, but the situation shall be reported to the Operation Director before or after the trip. 
-        The Company shall not take part in any types of commercial bribery as a means of individual or corporation.
Ø  Conflicts of Interest Must Be Avoided
Whether it is actual or apparent, conflicts of interest must be avoided. Conflicts of interest include anything that, in fact or in appearance, may create an incentive to report anything other than the true and accurate facts gathered during a social compliance service. Actions taken by employees should be objective and based on the best interests of the Company. There are too many instances where such conflicts may arise to list, but the following list may prove helpful:
-       Employees shall not directly or indirectly work or consult for any factories, suppliers, competitors or engage in activity that is competitive with Openview business interests (including working for any direct and indirect customers of Openview). It is never acceptable for an employee to utilize Openview customer lists or contacts to market their own or third-party goods and services, even if they are not competing with Openview services.
-       Prior written approval must be obtained from Executive Director prior to employees accepting a second job, consultancy, etc., to ensure this will not conflict with other interests of Openview.
-       Undertaking any private work which might generate intellectual property is generally prohibited, since it can be difficult to distinguish this from Company work.
Ø  Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation of Any Kind Shall Not Be Tolerated
We expect all employees to be growing with the company, so we provide employees with appropriate and fair opportunities to develop their skills and progress in their careers. All employees regardless of their color, race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or age should be treated fairly and honestly with both respect and dignity. Harassment (including sexual, physical, mental, use of abusive language or offensive gestures) or bullying, in any shape or form will not be tolerated. Any employee who is proved to have acted in a discriminatory manner or to have indulged in bullying or harassment will be subject to disciplinary and all employees are strongly encouraged to report such incidents. We encourage employees to express their concerns directly to the Executive Director without fear of any kind retaliation.
Ø  Healthy and Safe Working Conditions
The Company recognizes its duty and the benefits of providing working conditions which promote good health and safety practices.  Employees are encouraged to report immediately any health or safety concerns to the Executive Director in order to protect the welfare of themselves and colleagues.
Ø  Be Responsible for the Environment
Openview encourages employees to follow the best environmental practices, and we should integrate principles of sustainability into our work:
-       To comply with the letter and spirit of all relevant environmental laws and regulations;
-       Influence the stakeholders, by practical actions, to make better business decisions, which are more environmental friendly and sustainable;
-       Choose transportations, which are more environmental friendly; 
-       Seek ways to minimize energy and water use within day to day operation; 
-       Ensure that our waste is correctly handled and disposed of in a way that has the least impact on the environment;
-       Promote waste minimization, recycling and reuse programs, and pollution prevention; 
-       Be responsible for use of natural resources;
-       Respect and advertize the significance of protection on biodiversity.
Ø  Keep Information Securely
Information means any information, technical data, or know-how, including but not limited to, which relates to research, product plans, products, services, customers, markets, software, developments, inventions, processes, designs, drawings, engineering, hardware configuration information, marketing or finances of the Company.
Information is vital to Openview's continuing success. Inadequate protection or misuse of Openview's information assets could diminish the quality of our services, increase the risk of litigation, or otherwise harm the company. All Openview employees share a responsibility to our customers, shareholders, and each other to protect Openview, customer, worker and factory information assets from unauthorized access, use, modification, destruction, theft, or disclosure. 
Ø  Management Review and Continuous Improvement
This Openview Ethics Policy is committed by the management of Openview Service Limited and shall be reviewed from time to time. Annually review our ethical policies and performance in line with the company’s structures, operations and objectives, and allocate resources for their effective implementation and improvement. 
Ø  Disciplinary Action
It should be remembered that any employee who violates our ethical standards is subject to disciplinary actions which include oral warning, written warning or termination of employment. No one has authority to require or influence another employee to violate this code of conduct, and any attempt to do so may result in immediate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
Ø  Employees are Encouraged and Supported to Report Any Suspected Misconduct
If you have any questions about how these principles affect you or if you observe what you believe to be inappropriate, unethical, or unlawful conditions at any time, please contact the Executive Director directly.  
Openview believes that trust fosters long-term relationships which are built through honesty, openness and fair play. All aspects of our business must be based on the highest ethical standards. Our employees are key to our success and we're all part of the Openview team, so we all must take responsibility for our own actions and conduct.

Openview Ethics Policy
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