Breaking New, SLCP Will Pilot Testing New VB Selection Model in 2024

Time: 2023-12-28 00:09:00

Author: Openview Service Limited


SLCP refers to the Social & Labor Convergence Program, which is an independent, multi stakeholder project. This project uses the method of "integrated evaluation framework" to verify the social responsibility performance of the factory. SLCP held an online webinar on December 12, 2023, which reviewed various activities carried out in 2023 and prospect new changes in SLCP project in 2024.


Starting from January 1, 2024, SLCP will pilot a new model of selecting VB, which will be completely consistent with APSCA. The detailed information is shown in the table below:



With this new policy onboard, that means, as long as the Verified Body become official APSCA member, so it will be qualified to conduct SLCP verification. For VB that has not yet become APSCA member, appropriate time was given by SLCP to them for APSCA membership application, with a time window ranging from 6 months to one year.


For factories that need to apply for SLCP verification, it is important to choose a qualified VB. Usually, VB needs to obtain two qualifications to conduct SLCP verification: one is that the VB is recognized by SLCP, and the other is that VB is a member of APSCA.


In this regard, Openview Service Limited is your ideal partner, as Openview is both an SLCP recognized VB and a full member of APSCA.


The factory can check the qualifications of Openview in the following link.


Openview is a VB recognized by SLCP:

Openview is a full member of APSCA:


In addition, the key issues in this SLCP webinar are:


Trade Unions China

1.Will re-issue the Technical Bulletin based on v1.6 changes and provide text that all Verifiers in China can use to complete the narrative when assessing the questions that are not in compliance with ILO Conventions but in compliance with China national law. 

2.A new answer option is available for facilities that do not have a trade union present during the assessment period.

(WI-FOA-2): Are workers free to join a trade union of their choosing?  

1)Yes; 2) No; 3) Not applicable. No union presence in the facility during assessment period.

The third answer is the new option that has emerged this year.


Update to general CAF training for v1.6 – release in January/February 2024

V1.5 will still be active 6 months after release of v1.6 so training will be reviewed with this in mind.


Openivew has been constantly exploring and innovating to meet the needs of customers better. In this process, we have not only optimized our service process, but also improved the quality of our services. Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit. Therefore, we will continue to work hard to continuously improve our service level and provide customers with higher quality and more professional services. Welcome to choose Openview as your company's SLCP verified body!


For detailed information about Openview, please go ahead to visit our website:


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Breaking New, SLCP Will Pilot Testing New VB Selection Model in 2024
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