Openview Service Limited Celebrate its 15th Anniversary

Time: 2024-01-12 16:10:26

Author: Openview Service Limited


On January 5, 2024, Openview Service Limited commemorated its 15th anniversary with an annual meeting in Shenzhen. 

Jesse, the Managing Director of Openview, introduced the establishment and development journey of the company,

and the challenges and triumphs encountered along the way. Looking ahead, Jesse expressed optimism for the

company’s future development. Fifteen years ago, in 2008, Openview was established with the vision of becoming

a professional, innovative and responsible organization. Since then, the company has remained steadfast in its

commitment to delivering top-quality services to its customers, staying true to its founding principles.

The annual meeting provides an invaluable platform for colleagues from across China to engage in meaningful

discussions and activities. Topics ranged from Integrity and Quality Management System to insights on

Climate Change and Carbon Emissions. The company's chief trainer also shared valuable perspectives on

effective training methodologies. A highlight of the event was a dynamic training session on communication

delivered by a third-party trainer. The interactive nature of the session fostered active participation and

lively discussion among the attendees. 

To cap off the evening, a 15th anniversary celebration dinner took place at the Zhuo Yue Hui Shopping Center.

Jesse, in his role as Managing Director, delivered an impassioned speech and recognized the dedication of five

employees who had been with Openview for more than 10 years. The festivities continued with a lively lucky

draw, and the celebration was brought to a climax with laughter and cheers.

On the following days of the 6th and 7th, all colleagues of Openview went to Huizhou for team building. The

two-day and one-night adventure was brimming with excitement, featuring activities such as heart-pounding

reality CS, exhilarating four-wheel off-road motorcycle riders, and high-speed karting races. The journey also

includes a serene bamboo raft tour and culminated in a heartwarming and memorable campfire party. Every moment

was filled with laughter, deepening our understanding of teamwork, fostering trust and support, and providing a

profound spiritual experiences.

The progress of Openview is inseparable with the hard work of all employees and the spirit of teamwork. It is

precisely this unremitting effort that has enabled Openview to stand undefeated in the fiercely competitive

market and emerge as an industry leader.

At this juncture, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all customers, partners, employees,and

people from all walks of life who support Openview. It is your trust and support that give Openview more

confidence and motivation to go further.

Looking ahead, Openview will make more efforts to provide customers with higher quality services and contribute

more to the prosperity and development of the industry. Let's look forward to the brilliant future of Openview!

May our dreams illuminate the way forward and create a better future together!

Openview Service Limited Celebrate its 15th Anniversary
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